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My experience with ExpressMedRefills earlier today was great! I was so excited to find this service that I emailed the URL to all of my friends and family. I didn't have to miss any work to get an Rx refilled and it was easy. Thank You!



This is the best service ever! I was really sick and told by my doctor that it would be a week before I could get an appointment to see him. Not wanting to go to the ER for something simple and ending up with a huge bill, I found ExpressMedRefills while searching for a way to solve my problem. I couldn't believe how user friendly the sight was and customer service that was unreal! The doctor I spoke with was a very nice gentlemen and made sure I got the prescription I needed. I plan to pass this along to all my relatives and friends.



Your service is great!! The doctor's are always prompt.



Just a note to thank you for ExpressMedRefills The doctors I have had on ExpressMedRefills, do as fine a job as any I have seen in person. Funny thing is that as I prepare for my ExpressMedRefills consultation, I take a much more active role in my own health. This has the effect of empowering me to care for my health and in turn helps me stay healthy, I like this relationship much more than traditional health care delivery methods.



This service is phenomenal and I will recommend it highly.



I am so impressed with the service!! I saved so much time and effort and I wont go to a traditional office for basic medical issues out of fear of both doctors and people visiting offices. Your service is Perfect and I will recommend it to Everyone!!



I read two comments on themedguru saying that this website was a rip off, and found no other sites with a review. So I am not going to lie, I was scared for a minute- I thought that I had paid 99 bucks for a 1 minute phone call from a doctor telling me to see my eye doctor. This website didn't work for me in my case, but issued a full refund 4 minutes after my email requesting one. Thanks for making this right. ExpressMedRefills will be the first place I go if I ever need any kind of consultation or prescription! Even though the doctor was not able to help, he was courteous and professional and their response/refund time was exceptionally fast.



The Doctor was so nice and really listened to me. We are very lucky to have an amazing service like this available for times when it is nearly impossible to get to a traditional doctor.



In short, when I explained my symptoms to the doctor, he told me "We are missing something, and if your symptoms do not resolve, you must see a urologist" I had seen a urologist and had been seeing and communicating with my assigned doctor about my ongoing symptoms. Following your doctor's advice I asked to see another urologist within my HMO. I found out I had bladder cancer. I am now under treatment and prognosis is pretty good considering how long I have been dealing with these symptoms. I have to say that your doctor called it!!



The Doctor at ExpressMedRefills was so nice and really listened to me. We are lucky to have an amazing service like this for times when it is nearly impossible to get to a traditional doctor in a timely manner.

L.C. Andover, M.A.