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Asthma Articles


Asthma Medication: Proair (Bronchodilator) Vs. Advair (Inhaled Steroids)
Most asthma, COPD and the other respiratory problem sufferers are already aware of the wide range of medications that are available to them, as well as the two most popular options; the bronchodilators and the inhaled steroids. Both of these options have unique properties that make them useful to different groups of patients. Understanding the difference between the Proair (bronchodilator) and Advair (inhaled steroid) can go a long way in assisting patients in determining which option might be best for them, although it is not uncommon for patients to use both options, depending on their specific diagnosis. In some instances, medical professionals might actually recommend the use of Proair and Advair to ensure that their patients benefit from the maximum possible amount of relief.

Asthma Patients Can Now Use Online Medical Consultation Services
Asthma is a chronic disease affecting the bronchioles (breathing passages of the lungs). It is caused by long term inflammation. This inflammation makes the airways extremely sensitive to certain "triggers." These can be external or internal factors making the airways swell, filling with mucus. The bronchioles go into bronchospasm (contract) causing even more airway narrowing. The latter makes it difficult for the sufferer to exhale. Subsequently, the person has an asthma “attack.” If you have asthma, find out about the disease and how an online doctor could help.

Can You Die From an Asthma Attack? Understanding the "Ins and Outs"
Each and every year hundreds of thousands of people die from asthma attacks. Yes, that same medical condition that kept you out of gym class and organized sports as a child – at least without an inhaler close at hand – is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of people on an annual basis.

How Asthma Affects Your Work Productivity
While for some asthma is no more than a minor inconvenience, for others it can be quite problematic, interfering with normal living and sometimes even leading to a life-threatening situation. Find out how asthma drains your work productivity and what you can do about this.

How to Effectively Manage Your Asthma
Asthma causes wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. It also causes coughing, which may be worse at night. If you or a loved one has asthma, find out about the source of this condition and how to effectively manage your symptoms.

Asthma May Be Aided By Weight Loss Surgery
Your weight has a direct correlation with how well you can breathe, and while this isn't exactly new news, the scientific community has recently found that weight loss surgery may improve asthma for those who suffer from it.

Asthma Worsened by Cured Meats, Says New Study
Asthma is a chronic disease, which causes irregular breathing due to inflammation and swelling of the airways to the lungs. It can affect children and adults, and may be mild or severe in nature.