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Mental Health Articles

WARNING: What You Need To Know About The Coronavirus
Like most of us, you may have noticed that in these past few days there have been a continuous and gradual increase in the news about the new scourge that has affected hundreds of people coming from different countries, and as you may have discovered further, that this threat has a name, the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. Sounds scary, right? Well, yes, it is. Let us not tell ourselves that it is not. But before we worry ourselves to our wits' end, we must investigate and be familiar with the enemy we are facing so we can plan our would-be actions appropriately

Studies Find Social Anxiety Disorder To Be Worse Than Previously Thought
One of the worst fears of those who suffer from social anxiety disorder is getting together with a large group of people during a special occasion. This makes the holidays a particularly frightening time for people, as well as birthday parties, and any other event that brings groups together.

Online Support Offers Aid To Spouses Of Addicts
Support is one of the most important things to an addict overcoming an addiction, but what some people don't realize is how much the family of an addict requires help as well.