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5 Myths About Shingles Exposed
What once was considered to be only a medical condition that impacted the elderly, more and more research from the medical and scientific world has proven just how serious shingles can be – even for those that have yet to reach the twilight of their lives.

5 Surefire Symptoms That You're Living With (Dangerously) High Blood Pressure
One of the most common medical issues around the world, the reality of the situation is that millions and millions of people are currently living with high blood pressure – and may not even know it.

A Great Starting Point When Trying to Lower Your Blood Pressure
If you’ve recently become diagnosed with high blood pressure (also known as hypertension), then the question you should be asking is, "How can I get my blood pressure down?"

Can an Underactive Thyroid Cause Joint Pain
Joint pain is very common with people who are suffering from hypothyroidism; a symptom that is often associated with stiff muscles, tenderness and aching, which are results of the thyroid’s inability to produce a sufficient amount of thyroxine. Mild painkillers will usually do the trick in relieving the painful symptoms; although, this is a temporary treatment at best. The most effective manner of avoiding some of the more common symptoms of this issue is to treat the problem, and not the symptoms, and this includes promoting the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland, instead of simply focusing on treating the pain. Levothyroxin and Synthroid are two treatments that individuals can currently opt for to help with an underactive thyroid, and both of them assist in treating the associated pain symptoms, which can be difficult to manage if they continue to arise on a regular basis.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Really Be Deadly?
If you pay any attention whatsoever to the marketing and advertising we are bombarded with on a daily basis, you’d have to begin to believe that erectile dysfunction is absolutely devastating the male population in ways that we’ve never seen before.

Cold Sores: Treatment Options and How an Online Doctor Can Help
Cold sores (also referred to as fever blisters) are groups of tiny blisters that typically occur on the lip or around the mouth. These sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus, type 1 (HSV-1). The skin around the blisters gets sore, red, and swollen, and they can break open and bleed. If left alone, they generally heal within 7 to 14 days.

Erectile Dysfunction is Not The End of it All
Unfortunately, when a man experiences erectile dysfunction he takes it as a sign of his virility going down the drain. Visions of sleepless nights without satisfying sex charge through the brain like a runaway train. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Half the People Living With High Blood Pressure Don't Even Know It
According to a brand-new global study just released in early September (one conducted over literally decades and decades of research by high-level medical professionals), half the people suffering from high blood pressure around the world don't even know that it's happening.

How Online Doctors Make Diabetes Management Easier For You
Having to deal with diabetes is not something that is conducive with a happy life in most cases. The only thing that typically makes the situation better is adequate knowledge about the disease and the help of a good team of healthcare professionals. In fact, without these things, most people with diabetes end up suffering from the dire effects of a mismanaged ailment. Because of this, those with diabetes are looking more closely at how online doctors can make their diabetes management much easier.

Is Shingles on the Rise?
One of those lesser known medical conditions that has a nasty habit of flaring up from time to time, the truth of the matter is that many medical professionals – and a whole host of doctors online – believe that the rate of shingles incidents are on the rise.

Myths and Facts About Erectile Dysfunction
When you’re talking about a medical condition that impacts millions and millions of men all over the world (and has done so almost since the dawn of time) the way that erectile dysfunction has, you’re bound to find that there are a number of myths and almost legends that crop up about it.

Online Medical Consultations For Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease that lasts a lifetime as there is currently no cure. It is a major medical problem, with an estimated 18 million Americans afflicted. Five million are not even aware that they have it. Diabetes is actually a number of different diseases involving problems with insulin levels. Under normal circumstances, the pancreas (located behind the stomach) releases insulin helping the body store and utilize fat and sugar obtained from food.

Possible Diabetes Scientific Breakthrough: Hormone Stimulates Pancreatic Cell Production
Roughly 26 million Americans suffer from type 1 and type 2 diabetes. This disease has no known cure, only treatment, which includes shots. Now, the scientists of prestigious Harvard University believe they have the answer: a hormone that makes the body produce insulin-secreting beta cells.

Shingles: Chicken Pox's Ugly Alter Ego
Shingles (herpes zoster) is an outbreak of a skin rash or blisters caused by the same virus that leads to chickenpox — the varicella-zoster virus. The first sign of shingles is pain, often burning or tingling, numbness and/or itching. This occurs at one particular location of the body and on only one side. After a few days, a rash with fluid-filled blisters (similar to chickenpox) appears on that one particular area.

Telemedicine Treatment Options and Erectile Dysfunctions
Erectile dysfunction (commonly called ED) is the inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection that is sufficient for sexual function. This condition affects as many as 20 million American adult men, and is associated with advanced age. Due to the psychological impact of ED, many men with this condition have low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.

The Latest Research on Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes mellitus is an extremely common medical condition where the body is incapable of utilizing glucose and insulin appropriately. Insulin is a hormone manufactured by the pancreas that allows glucose to be converted into energy by the body’s tissues and muscles. A person with diabetes does not properly absorb glucose, and when the glucose circulates in the bloodstream, it damages the body’s organs and tissues over time (CDC, 2011).

The Scary Truth About Erectile Dysfunction
Though literally millions and millions of men all over the world (mostly those with already reached middle-age, but even some that are younger) are dealing with erectile dysfunction on a regular basis, we are just now starting to uncover exactly how dangerous – and potentially deadly – this medical condition can be.

Type 2 Diabetes
Once known as non-insulin dependent diabetes, type 2 diabetes, is the most commonly occurring form of diabetes. Find out about insulin resistance, the causes of diabetes, symptoms you shouldn’t ignore, and tips for managing type 2 diabetes.

Vitamin D For High Blood Pressure
If you have high blood pressure, listen up! New research suggests that increasing vitamin D could lower your blood pressure in addition to its other nutritional benefits. Find out more about this silent killer and how a deficiency in D can make it worse.

What Are The Symptoms of Recurrent Shingles?
While people dread the thought of coming down with shingles even once, there are some people that have to deal with it on a recurring basis. It is important to remember that the pain and discomfort associated with this condition is not something that people get used to. If you are one of those people that have to deal with these issues on a regular basis, you need the right medication to help you in managing the condition, and this is something that you need to speak to a medical professional about as soon as possible. Complications can often arise when individuals are struggling with this condition, which means that treatment is not only appealing, it is imperative.

White Coat Hypertension and Online Healthcare Delivery
According to recent data, the incidence of hypertension rose by 10 percent in the U.S. from 2005 to 2009 (CDC, 2010). Some studies show that white coat hypertension can respond to dietary changes, reduction of stress, and decrease of sodium intake. Also, patients are encouraged to frequently monitor their blood pressure when episodic elevations are noted.

Will The Antibiotic Z-Pack Help My Sinus Infection?
Sinusitis is a condition that can be very uncomfortable and painful for the person who suffers from it, and it is also very common throughout the country. Some people never struggle with this problem, while others seem to come down with a case of sinusitis every few months, and it is easy for people to get frustrated with having to deal with the associated symptoms on a regular basis. When a severe case of sinusitis is left untreated, a more serious condition could end up arising as a result, and so it is imperative that people find ways to treat this problem before it spirals out of control. There are those individuals that assume that this condition will simply go away on its own if they leave it alone for long enough, but this is not always the case, and it might not be worth taking the risk if it doesn’t. Luckily, there are a wide variety of options available to those looking to receive treatment for this problem, whether it arises once every now and again, or on a regular basis.

How Much Coffee You Drink Could Be Due To Genetics
It might be hard to believe, but the rich morning brew that so many cling to on their long commute to work has now been linked to genetics rather than a taste for the bitter roast. Meta-analysis completed by The Harvard School of Public Health as well as the Bringham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts have found biological and genetic reasons why the effects of coffee feel different to different people.

Smoking Marijuana While Young Could Damage The Immune System
Smoking marijuana has often been heralded as a non-addictive, recreational drug, with many enthusiasts and users hoping for it to be legalized due to its harmless qualities.

Sandwiches May Not Be The Best Lunch
When you think about an unhealthy lunch, let's face it, sandwiches aren't likely to be on your 'do not allow' list. Pizza, chips, french fries, sure, but a sandwich? New studies have shown that this past thinking should stay in the past as many of these delicious hunger busters can actually make up for nearly half of the daily sodium your body should take in each day.

Not Caring For Your Contacts Can Lead To Big Problems
Since the invention of glasses it seems like men and women have been trying to find ways to avoid wearing them. When the contact lens was invented people jumped at the chance to see properly without having to wear something bulky and distracting on their faces; unfortunately, it seems that many people might not be treating these lenses as prescribed by their optometrist, and it is now leading to Keratitis.

New Study Finds Fruits and Nuts To Lower First Time Stroke Risk
It has long been known that keeping your weight at a healthy level and eating nutritious foods can assist in reducing the risk of heart attacks and stroke in men and women of all ages, but recent studies have found that by eating Mediterranean diets, and actively participating in exercise you can lower the risk of a first time stroke quite significantly.

Yoga Might Be The Best Treatment For Your Back
Chronic back pain is a problem that plagues many Americans and global citizens worldwide, and while there are some explanations for a number of the symptoms that people receive over time due to various conditions, some back pain goes unexplained and untreated.

Love Hormone May Help Alcohol Addiction
With results that have shocked the medical community, researchers have found that of all the things to help you recover after a long night of drinking alcohol, the love hormone, also known as oxytocin, may be the best bet at sobering you up

Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome May Be Something Else
Stomach issues are a constant diagnosis problem for doctors across America as so many patients report ongoing symptoms that are sometimes untreatable.

Older Adults May Be More Likely To Drink Higher Levels Of Alcohol
With all of the buzz constantly surfacing about teens and drinking, you would think that young Americans in their late teens and early twenties would be the most common drinkers, but a new study has provided information that is just the opposite.

There Is More Than Beauty Rest Required For A Youthful Glow
There have been a multitude of studies conducted on aging and how to obtain a fountain of youth effect.

Controlling A Migraine Harder Than You Think
For thousands of men and women across America, the word migraine brings on thoughts of intense blinding pain, and the dread of missing work and spending the day in a dark room.

Breakfast Really Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day
It's no secret that the most important meal of the day is said to be breakfast, and while some might argue that lunch is what gets them through until home time after school or work, new studies have proved that eating breakfast could help with weight loss and the prevention of obesity.

Going Meat Free May Fare Better For Your Colon
The second highest form of cancer that causes death in the United States each year is Colorectal cancer, and a recent study has shown that eating a meat free diet may be helpful in preventing this cancer from occurring.

Deaf Seniors Find Happiness With Cochlear Implants
The deaf community has come a long way with the help of cochlear implants.

Eating Food And Drinking Water Might Not Be Your Hangover Answer
The cure for the hangover is a long sought treatment, but unfortunately studies have shown that even the methods we thought were previously effective may not be working as well as we thought they were.

Treating IBS Is Still A Case By Case Basis
bowel syndrome is a highly uncomfortable and sometimes painful disorder that can make it quite difficult to eat the foods that you enjoy without getting sick afterwards.

Botox Provides Aid In New Medical Cases
Botox, a medical tool derived from the botulinum toxin, is known throughout the cosmetic industry as a method of smoothing wrinkles and slowing the aging process, but it has also shown promise in a variety of other medical methods.

Multiple Sclerosis Linked To Vitamin D Deficiency
Deficiency multiple Sclerosis has no known cure and no one common cause to date, but a recent study has opened doors to new information on some of the possible underlying reasons for MS to begin.

Knee Replacement Surgery Poses More Risks Than Initially Thought
From time to time osteoarthritis or other joint deterioration calls for a knee replacement. This invasive surgery is safe when performed by a trained surgeon, but still poses a lengthy list of side effects, which is not always considered.

Yoga Shows Promise For Dementia Patients
The art of yoga has long been beneficial for the human mind and body, and new research now shows that it could also help reduce the risk of dementia, particularly in seniors. The latest research was documented in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, and was led by Dr. Lavretsky, who followed twenty-five participants over the age of fifty-five who took par in a three-month workshop which included Kundalini yoga and Kirtan Kriya meditation.

Restless Leg Syndrome Not Just A Symptom of Stress
Recent studies have shown that restless leg syndrome, also called Willis-Ekbom Disease, has long been associated with stress and menopause, may be an underlying symptom of a greater problem.

Coffee Shows Promise Of Decreasing Eye Fatigue During Exercise
Physical activity, such as an extensive gym workout, can leave your muscles tired and sore, and this can lead to more than just stiff knees. During and following a workout, you are likely to notice that your eyelids have a difficult time remaining open and fully alert.

Diet Can Impact Migraine Pain
Headache and migraine research has been an ongoing effort, with many variables to factor. From sleep deprivation, to stress, and overexertion, the pain in your head could be a result of several things.

Studies Show That Cutting Out Alchol Provides Several Benefits
Whether it's for a new year resolution, a weight loss initative, or you just want to stop spending so much money on your drinking, cutting out alcohol could have some surprising medical benefits. The journal of Health Psychology recently published a study which showed that men and women who quit drinking for only thirty days saw continued results in the 180 days which followed.

New Home Remedies for Carpel Tunnel Show Promise
caused by repetitive motions of the wrist, fingers, and hand, which causes swelling, and pinching of the median nerve. For some, surgical means is the answer, for others, less drastic approaches are taken.

Rare Migraine Type Affects Vision
Migraines are a class of headache all their own, with intense flashes of pain, light sensitivity, and even nausea and dizziness.