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Sleep Deprivation Articles

Rise In Diagnosis Of Sleep Apnea Worrying In U.S.
Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is a chronic sleeping disorder that involves the halting of breathing during sleep for at least ten seconds or more each hour. This occurs when the throat muscles relax and airways are blocked as the soft tissues near the rear of the throat close as they collapse.

Your E-Reader May Be Keeping You Up At Night
With most of the world running on the millions of electronic gadgets floating around the planet, it only makes sense that the good old fashioned book would be replaced with something technological as well, but new research shows that your e-reader may not be allowing you to get all of the sleep that you need at night.

More Than 8 Hours of Sleep Could Be Unhealthy
Despite the mountains of research that sleep is absolutely essential for the survival of the human body, new reports have found that too much of it might just impede your health.

Sleep Disorders In Youngsters Could Be More Problematic Than You Think
It can be easy to assume that your little one is getting enough sleep, particularly if they are waking while you are asleep; however, it is not uncommon for kids to have problems falling asleep, or staying asleep, just as adults do. Insomnia in children and teenagers might not be a majority issue, but with more than twenty-five percent suffering from these disorders, it's difficult to avoid worrying

Teenagers Who Don't Sleep Enough May Be In Trouble
While it is commonly understood that teens tend to sleep, eat, and recreate on their own schedules, recent research has shown that this may not be in their best interest, particularly where sleep is concerned.

Drinking Sweet Drinks Linked to Low Sleep Levels
debate on whether sugar impacts sleep has been a long one, with good points on both sides, but a recent study performed by UC San Francisco has found that there is a link.