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Weight Loss Articles

Coffee May Have Positive Effect On Weight Loss
For coffee drinkers around the world having that hot cup of java in the morning can mean the difference between making it through the day and needing a nap by noon

Weight Loss and Plastic Surgery
While the battle for an aesthetically pleasing body doesn't plague every American, it has quickly become recognized as an important part of Western culture. Represented by magazine covers, blockbuster movie posters, and even food advertisements, having a thin body and flawless skin seems to be the norm for celebrities.

Couples Better To Succeed In Weight Loss As A Unit
It has long been recognized that having a 'workout buddy' or 'diet partner' makes it much easier to get motivated and lose weight, but a recent study performed by doctoral student Laura Cobb at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has shown that in married couples, it pays to have both partners attempting the same workout plan

Research Supports Theory That Sleep Loss Leads To Weight Gain
Obesity has long been linked to lack of exercise and overindulgence in poor food choices, but it turns out that there may be more to unwanted weight gain than nutrition and exercise alone

Obesity Worse Than Lack Of Exercise
While it has become well known that the world now recognizes obesity is a serious problem across the globe, what many fail to realize is that there is another villain on the rise, and it is found in the simple act of being sedentary.

Fad Diets Pose Risk for Future Obesity
low carb to low calorie, there are a multitude of fad diets, which have developed over the past few decades. With more pressure than ever before on both men and women to look and live healthier, the prospect of an easy way to slim down has definite appeal.