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Restless Leg Syndrome Not Just A Symptom of Stress
Recent studies have shown that restless leg syndrome, also called Willis-Ekbom Disease, has long been associated with stress and menopause, may be an underlying symptom of a greater problem.

Coffee Shows Promise Of Decreasing Eye Fatigue During Exercise
Physical activity, such as an extensive gym workout, can leave your muscles tired and sore, and this can lead to more than just stiff knees. During and following a workout, you are likely to notice that your eyelids have a difficult time remaining open and fully alert.

New Information on Pregnancy After 35
It has long been apparent that there is a safety zone for pregnancy. Women will find that after the age of 25, the pregnancy and delivery process become far more complicated. In some cases, it is unsafe for both the mother and the child, and many pregnancies have issues resulting in pain or death.

Diet Can Impact Migraine Pain
Headache and migraine research has been an ongoing effort, with many variables to factor. From sleep deprivation, to stress, and overexertion, the pain in your head could be a result of several things.

Studies Show That Cutting Out Alchol Provides Several Benefits
Whether itís for a new year resolution, a weight loss initative, or you just want to stop spending so much money on your drinking, cutting out alcohol could have some surprising medical benefits. The journal of Health Psychology recently published a study which showed that men and women who quit drinking for only thirty days saw continued results in the 180 days which followed.

Fad Diets Pose Risk for Future Obesity
low carb to low calorie, there are a multitude of fad diets, which have developed over the past few decades. With more pressure than ever before on both men and women to look and live healthier, the prospect of an easy way to slim down has definite appeal.

Drinking Sweet Drinks Linked to Low Sleep Levels
debate on whether sugar impacts sleep has been a long one, with good points on both sides, but a recent study performed by UC San Francisco has found that there is a link.

New Home Remedies for Carpel Tunnel Show Promise
caused by repetitive motions of the wrist, fingers, and hand, which causes swelling, and pinching of the median nerve. For some, surgical means is the answer, for others, less drastic approaches are taken.

Allergy Pills Intensify Restless Leg Syndrome
leg syndrome can be very frustrating, especially because it tends to rear its ugly head during those times that you are trying to rest. It can feel tense, tight, achy, itchy, or numb, depending on the reason for the RLS, and your overall health.

Asthma Worsened by Cured Meats, Says New Study
Asthma is a chronic disease, which causes irregular breathing due to inflammation and swelling of the airways to the lungs. It can affect children and adults, and may be mild or severe in nature.

New Breast Cancer Study Finds Salvation in Chili Peppers
Capsaicin, the ingredient in chili peppers, which make them so hot, may have a new medical purpose.

Rare Migraine Type Affects Vision
Migraines are a class of headache all their own, with intense flashes of pain, light sensitivity, and even nausea and dizziness.

News on The Menopause Clock
Menopause is a different experience for every woman; itís a theoretical alarm on the biological clock, which signals to females that the reproductive period of life is coming to an end.

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