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Online Support Offers Aid To Spouses Of Addicts
Support is one of the most important things to an addict overcoming an addiction, but what some people donít realize is how much the family of an addict requires help as well.

Research Supports Theory That Sleep Loss Leads To Weight Gain
Obesity has long been linked to lack of exercise and overindulgence in poor food choices, but it turns out that there may be more to unwanted weight gain than nutrition and exercise alone

Obesity Worse Than Lack Of Exercise
While it has become well known that the world now recognizes obesity is a serious problem across the globe, what many fail to realize is that there is another villain on the rise, and it is found in the simple act of being sedentary.

There Is More Than Beauty Rest Required For A Youthful Glow
There have been a multitude of studies conducted on aging and how to obtain a fountain of youth effect.

Asthma May Be Aided By Weight Loss Surgery
Your weight has a direct correlation with how well you can breathe, and while this isnít exactly new news, the scientific community has recently found that weight loss surgery may improve asthma for those who suffer from it.

Controlling A Migraine Harder Than You Think
For thousands of men and women across America, the word migraine brings on thoughts of intense blinding pain, and the dread of missing work and spending the day in a dark room.

Breakfast Really Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day
Itís no secret that the most important meal of the day is said to be breakfast, and while some might argue that lunch is what gets them through until home time after school or work, new studies have proved that eating breakfast could help with weight loss and the prevention of obesity.

Going Meat Free May Fare Better For Your Colon
The second highest form of cancer that causes death in the United States each year is Colorectal cancer, and a recent study has shown that eating a meat free diet may be helpful in preventing this cancer from occurring.

Deaf Seniors Find Happiness With Cochlear Implants
The deaf community has come a long way with the help of cochlear implants.

Birth Control Side Effects To Be Prepared For
It is pretty well documented what side effects can be expected if no birth control is used, but recently there have also been various studies outlining the side effects of birth control, particularly the oral pill.

Women Who Can't Breastfeed Are More Likely To Deal With Postpartum Depression
While many women make the decision to breastfeed or not to breastfeed, not all women have this option. Sometimes breastfeeding is not possible based on an inability to produce milk, other new mothers may give up due to pain and infection.

Eating Food And Drinking Water Might Not Be Your Hangover Answer
The cure for the hangover is a long sought treatment, but unfortunately studies have shown that even the methods we thought were previously effective may not be working as well as we thought they were.

Treating IBS Is Still A Case By Case Basis
bowel syndrome is a highly uncomfortable and sometimes painful disorder that can make it quite difficult to eat the foods that you enjoy without getting sick afterwards.

Botox Provides Aid In New Medical Cases
Botox, a medical tool derived from the botulinum toxin, is known throughout the cosmetic industry as a method of smoothing wrinkles and slowing the aging process, but it has also shown promise in a variety of other medical methods.

Breastfeeding Shows Positive Effects For MS Patients
It has long been recognized that breastfeeding brings with it a multitude of benefits for the baby, including natural antibodies from the mother, and a sense of bonding which is stronger than that of bottle fed babies.

Multiple Sclerosis Linked To Vitamin D Deficiency
Deficiency multiple Sclerosis has no known cure and no one common cause to date, but a recent study has opened doors to new information on some of the possible underlying reasons for MS to begin.

New Single Pill Treatment Not Available For HIV
HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, has long been thought of as a one-way ticket to AIDS, but recent breakthroughs in medical research have made it possible for many HIV patients to live full, and otherwise healthy lives without ever contracting full AIDS.

Knee Replacement Surgery Poses More Risks Than Initially Thought
From time to time osteoarthritis or other joint deterioration calls for a knee replacement. This invasive surgery is safe when performed by a trained surgeon, but still poses a lengthy list of side effects, which is not always considered.

Doctors Say Vegetables Could Help Reduce Cancer Risk
If you have ever been told that you must eat your greens by a parent or guardian, you might be happy to learn that all of that vegetable eating was beneficial. New research has shown that produce may carry a key to the reduction of risks associated with breast cancer.

Yoga Shows Promise For Dementia Patients
The art of yoga has long been beneficial for the human mind and body, and new research now shows that it could also help reduce the risk of dementia, particularly in seniors. The latest research was documented in the Journal of Alzheimerís Disease, and was led by Dr. Lavretsky, who followed twenty-five participants over the age of fifty-five who took par in a three-month workshop which included Kundalini yoga and Kirtan Kriya meditation.

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