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Yoga Might Be The Best Treatment For Your Back

Chronic back pain is a problem that plagues many Americans and global citizens worldwide, and while there are some explanations for a number of the symptoms that people receive over time due to various conditions, some back pain goes unexplained and untreated. Fortunately, there are a multitude of over the counter medications, prescription drugs, holistic treatments, and other non-invasive remedies to counteract the pain that you feel, and now recent studies have shown that yoga could also affect your back in a positive way as well. Medical News Today explains: “Several studies suggest yoga may be effective for chronic low back pain and have shown that yoga intervention in populations with chronic low back pain may be more effective than usual care for reducing both pain and medication use.”

Yoga has been around for a long time, and has developed and evolved into a popular method of exercise, recreation, and a leisurely relaxation tool, and now it can also be used to soothe pain. During yoga, the body stretches and moves in a number of positions, some of which help ease back muscles into their respective positions, and work out some of the tension that often is associated with back pain.

Applying Yoga In Your Life

Yoga can be applied in many ways, and although some of them require spending a little bit of money, yoga is also an inexpensive tool that can be used in the privacy of your own home. Yoga mats can be found in many different retail establishments particularly those catering to exercise equipment, but there are also yoga mats in many different retail stores that supply other products as well. There are many online stores that also specialize in yoga, or yoga related products that supply different items you may want to enrich your experience. The Yoga Journal reports: “Oh, your aching back? Or maybe you can’t crack those tight hamstrings. Supta Padangusthasana or Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose is for you.”

At its core, yoga is a study of movement and all you really need is a serene space where quiet or music can be heard, and you can focus on the task at hand. Many yoga practitioners combine the art of meditation with yoga to make for an added agent in the fight against back pain.

Other Uses Of Yoga

Yoga can ease your aching back, but it can also soothe the mind; yoga has recently been reported as one of the best treatments to undergo for those troubled by bouts of depression. Keeping physically active has always been thought to be a tool against mental illness, and yoga is one that can help incorporate low stress activity or high level activeness into your workout sessions. It also often offers a calm and soothing environment, and there are so many places that you can participate in this activity and with or without company, that it makes for the top solo or group workout currently being offered in North America. National Geographic says: “The more we learn about yoga, the more we realize the benefits aren’t all in the minds of the 20 million or so devotees in the U.S. Yoga helps people to relax, making the heart rate go down, which is great for those with high blood pressure. The poses help increase flexibility and strength, bringing relief to back pain sufferers.”

New found research has also pointed to yoga as a prime candidate in post cancer treatment for those suffering from residual pain and irritation, swelling, or inflammation. It has shown great promise and been a help not only for medical practitioners looking for low-impact activity for their patients, but also for the patients who benefit from it.

You can find a yoga class in nearly any city across North America these days, whether it is at a community center, local fitness center, or a privately owned business. There are online tutorials, DVDs, magazines, books, and various other ways to learn this practice and put it to work for you. Whether you decide to take on the study of yoga with a group, or on your own in the privacy of your own home, the statistics are hard to argue with and you should see advantages and relief in back pain, and a number of other areas of your life.

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