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Understanding the 5 Major Stages of Male Pattern Baldness

Believer or not, they’ll pattern baldness impacts hundreds and hundreds of millions of men each and every single year – and even millions of women as well.

Not exactly a life-threatening medical condition, male pattern baldness is certainly a life altering medical condition – but one that you can take complete and total charge of the moment that you follow the inside information provided below.

If you are absolutely sick and tired of dealing with bits and pieces of your hair ending up in the shower on a daily basis, wondering what you’re going to do with the hair you have left on your head, or absolutely dread going to the barber and paying $15 or more for a haircut when you’re literally only getting a single hair cut – then you’re going to want to pay close attention to the rest of this quick and easy to read guide to curing male pattern baldness.

Understanding the five distinct stages of male pattern baldness

Before we dive headfirst into the nitty-gritty of curing male pattern baldness forever, it’s critical that you understand exactly where you are in the different and distinct stages of male pattern baldness.
While most men will never have a full-blown “Stage V” case of male pattern baldness until they are well into their 60s, the overwhelming majority of men will have already witnessed a thinning of their hair throughout their 20s and 30s – or even as early as their late teens.

Male pattern baldness is a generally caused by genetic issues that work to impact the hormones responsible for hair growth, crippling your body’s ability to create full, healthy, natural hair and instead replacing it with thin, brittle hair that eventually falls right out of your skull.

Stage I – Gently receding hairline

You’ll begin to notice Stage I male pattern baldness by a gently receding hairline, worry hairline that begins to slowly creep up the top of your forehead. While it’s impossible to estimate exactly how much you lose in a given set of time, losing anywhere up to 100 strands a day would certainly be well within the parameters of Stage I male pattern baldness (at least according to many prominent online doctors).

Stage II – Symmetrical or triangular recession of hair

When you dive into Stage II male pattern baldness, you’re going to be looking at a considerable amount of hair loss, with your new hairline being a rather far back on your head – or the classic “Peninsula” look as well. Your hairline now will just be barely ahead of the front of your ears, and this is one of the most popular stages that men begin to seek out online prescriptions for hair loss.

Stage III – Deeper hair recession as well as the beginnings of the “Friar Tuck”

Stage III is where things really start to go haywire, as your hit will begin to creep well past your ears and you will start to begin getting that “Friar Tuck” look with a big old bald spot on the back of your noggin.

Stage IV – “Full moon” hairline recession

When you’ve reached Stage for coming you’ll know it by the appearance of the “full moon” airline that you now have. Your hairline will reach well past the back of your ears, and your Friar Tuck will have grown and grown and grown.

Stage V – Classic horseshoe pattern baldness

Once you hit Stage V with male pattern baldness, you’re really going to be in for the shock of your life. You’ll most likely have of the full-blown “George Costanza” kind of look, the classic horseshoe pattern that many men have been subjected to wearing out in public.

Luckily, there are answers to male pattern baldness – answers you can use right away.
Medical intervention

Online doctors have been talking for years and years about the medical intervention of reversing hair loss almost completely. Effectively “planting” new hairs into your skull – healthy hairs – hair plugs and hair transplants have taken off in popularity over the last few years. Technology has advanced to the point where these procedures are much less invasive (and much more effective) than ever before, while the price tag has dropped considerably as well.

Prescription drugs

Prescription drugs have also become one of the “go to” solutions for treating male pattern baldness, and for good reason. Online prescriptions (as well as those available through more traditional means) are incredibly affordable, and their effectiveness continues to increase with each and every iteration or major formulaic improvement.

All-natural supplements and solutions

Finally, there is a big push from doctors online for most folks to at least try all-natural supplements and solutions before they move forward with a more dedicated online prescription or medical intervention.
These all-natural supplements are pulled from 100% natural ingredients grown all over the world, and are free of many of the side effects – and price tags – associated with the more expensive and somewhat dangerous medical procedures and drugs provided above.

At the same time, you’ll really need to discover exactly how you feel most comfortable moving forward treating your male pattern baldness. After all, not only will it be your funds going directly into treating this medical condition – it’s going to be your hairline and your timetable. If you’re looking for quick and nearly overnight hair restoration, you’ll probably want to invest in medical intervention. If you have a bit more time on your hands, online prescription drugs and all-natural supplements provided by online doctors maybe the route you’re willing to take.

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