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What Are The Symptoms of Recurrent Shingles?

While people dread the thought of coming down with shingles even once, there are some people that have to deal with it on a recurring basis. It is important to remember that the pain and discomfort associated with this condition is not something that people get used to. If you are one of those people that have to deal with these issues on a regular basis, you need the right medication to help you in managing the condition, and this is something that you need to speak to a medical professional about as soon as possible. Complications can often arise when individuals are struggling with this condition, which means that treatment is not only appealing, it is imperative.

Shingles tends to last anywhere between two and four weeks, during which patients will experience symptoms ranging from severe pains in the legs and arms, feelings of exhaustion and problems with the nerves in the topmost areas of the face.

The condition of recurring shingles is something that is more common in adults, especially those of a more advanced age. Firstly, the symptoms begin to display themselves as shooting pains in the area that has been affected. As the virus continues to rage within the body, a range of symptoms will begin to appear, and people are usually quick to diagnose the issue if they have suffered from the condition for a longer period of time. The symptoms that are more commonly associated with this condition include fevers, muscle pain and a general feeling of being unwell.

When the virus is in full swing, other symptoms will begin to occur, such as the rash. A shingles rash is red or dark pink in color, and in some instances, they might end up raising off the skin and start to blister. The blisters tend to break after a time. Rashes such as these can begin very itchy and make a person feel very uncomfortable, although it is actually easier to diagnose someone by this symptom. In some instances, the rash doesn’t show up at all, and in these cases, people will need to undergo a battery of tests to ensure they are actually suffering from this condition.

Those that struggle with chronic shingles tend to experience higher fevers than those who only get it once, and these can rise up to temperatures of around 101 degrees F. At times, the symptoms are associated with chills, and headaches are fairly common. Stomach pains are another symptom of the condition, with these issues arising as the infection peaks. 

Not everyone is at risk for developing recurring shingles. Those that are more likely to suffer from this condition include those with immune disorders, as well as those suffering from a chronic condition, such as AIDS, Diabetes and cancer. People over the age of 51 tend to be more at risk for the condition, although from the age of 60, this likelihood increases quite drastically.

It is imperative for individuals to identify the signs and symptoms of the condition as quickly as possible, because the faster this is diagnosed, the faster treatments can be administered. It is thought that if an individual realizes they are suffering from shingles-related symptoms and seeks out medical assistance within 72 hours after the first signs have appeared, the treatments will be more effective than when this time frame has passed. Antivirals are often given to individuals who are struggling with the virus so that the duration of their illness can be shortened, and in some instances, this time line can be drastically reduced. Medical professionals are also advising that patients seek out treatment so that they can reduce the chances of complications arising as a result of ignoring the condition and allowing it free reign within the body.

While struggling with recurring shingles might not be pleasant for anyone, it is important for individuals to take note of the signs and symptoms so that they can identify them when necessary. In some instances, the symptoms might vary, which means that individuals might find it difficult to identify them, but after a few times, they will quickly recognize the tell-tale signs, whether they include the commonly associated rash or a range of other symptoms that declare the start of another bout.

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