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Male Pattern Baldness Can Be Sexy

When a young man begins to lose his hair in his 20s it usually caused by what we call Male Pattern Baldness.  The familiar pattern of hair loss tends to start at the temple and then recede along the top sides of the scalp, leaving and “M” shaped pattern. Eventually as the hair on the top begins to come out the hair pattern leaves only the back and sides of the hair.

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

The condition is also referred to as androgenic alopecia, which is caused by the apparent susceptibility of the hair follicles to become miniaturized or it deteriorates until only immature follicles are left and then eventually no hair grows at all.  MPB affects about 70% of males, which is roughly 2 out of every 3 men. It also affects about 40% of women.

What causes hair loss to begin?

There are both genetic and environmental causes that result in MPB. Genetically, the trigger that gets things going is a hormone referred to as DHT. This is one of the sex hormones. When male free male testosterone levels are too high, the DHT activates resulting in loss of hair.

Other causes of male pattern baldness include medications for other health issues such as blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and cholesterol. Steroids can also cause baldness to develop. Lack of proper nutrition that provides adequate vitamins and minerals can cause the hair follicles to not get the nutrients they need to remain healthy.

Stress can lead to hair loss. Whether the stress is caused by medical treatments that may cause hair to fall out such as radiation treatment or chemotherapy or if the stress comes from the daily grind stress can cause man and women to lose hair.

Myths men believe about MPB

Some men blame their genetic propensity to lose hair on their mother, but there is not proof of that. In fact, it is just as likely the gene for baldness comes from the father’s side of the family. Men who wear hats for work or comfort blame the hat, somehow believing that the hat starved the hair so it fell out. That is patently false and deserves no more consideration in the grand scheme of things. When blow-dryers became popular a myth got started that claimed one could lose their hair from using it. IF that is so, then what did they blame before hair dryers were even invented?

Remedies for MPB

While it is easy to understand male pattern baldness on an intellectual level, it is still difficult to deal with an emotional level so men often seek treatments to “cure” their baldness. Unfortunately, there is no actual cure for MPB, but there are some things a male can do to slow down the progress of hair loss.
At home a man can do a few simple things to improve his hair line:

• Eat a healthier more nutritionally balanced meal. If a man is unable to get the right foods into his diet he should look onto vitamins and mineral supplements that may help provide the right nutrients. Vitamins A, C and E and minerals silica, iron, iodine, copper and chromium are the right combination to look for at a health store or drug store.

• Avoid hairstyles that put a lot of strain on the hair follicles such as pony tails, hair dye or perms.

• If you have a habit of rubbing or pulling on your hair, you should do whatever you can stop that. Behavior modification therapy may help with that.

There are also OTC treatments available at drug stores and other forms of treatments available to help slow the loss of hair or even help regrow hair.  One OTC remedy is Minoxidil, more commonly known as Rogaine, which is topically applied to the scalp to help stimulate hair growth.  Results usually begin to appear after 12 weeks.

The only FDA approved oral medicine for baldness is Finasteride, aka Propecia. This medicine inhibits the hormone that leads to hair loss. Some users report hair regrowth after beginning a regimen that includes this pill. The FDA does warn users that although rare it is possible for a user to develop a fast growing prostate cancer.

Do hair transplants work?

They certainly can and do fill in the bald spots, depending on which procedure selected:

• Hair Transplants consist of the removal of patches of skin where there is still hair growing and then grafting that skin in bald areas of the scalp. This process works, but may require several procedures over time because the hair loss occurs over time.

• Scalp Reduction consists of removing the bald portion of the scalp and then the areas that still have hair are brought closer together. Another version of this calls for a portion of the scalp still with hair being folded over the bald portion of the head, resulting in a flap.

Alternatives to medications and operations

If you have other medical conditions that need care or you prefer not to use meds or surgery, you can certainly use wigs or hairpieces. They have come a long way toward looking more natural in recent years with more realistic colorations and matching wig or hairpiece shape and type to the natural hair left on the scalp.

Go natural!

In recent years many men have gone natural and simply shaved their heads to shorten the torture of watching their hair fallout. Believe it or not there are many people who find baldness very sexy. Show off that shiny head!

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