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Love Hormone May Help Alcohol Addiction

With results that have shocked the medical community, researchers have found that of all the things to help you recover after a long night of drinking alcohol, the love hormone, also known as oxytocin, may be the best bet at sobering you up. Medical News Today supplies: “Researchers at the University of Sydney and the University of Regensburg in Australia have found that oxytocin – popularly known as “the love hormone,” due to its increased production in our brains during acts of intimacy – may have a sobering effect against alcohol.”

This comes as an ironic surprise to many men and women who imbibe regularly and have been faced with becoming more intimate or sexual while drinking alcohol, because it seems that love in its most natural chemical form is just the thing to set you straight while in a drunken stupor.

Rats and Testing

Australia researchers used lab rats to test this theory of drunkenness and sobriety by giving the animals alcohol to induce drunkenness. Once the alcohol was imbibed, rats were then given doses of oxytocin, and the results were incredible. Those who were treated with the naturally occurring biological chemical were stabilized and began acting normal once again, while those that were not given a dose of oxytocin continued their drunken stumbling. Live Science says: “The effects of both alcohol and oxytocin originate in the brain. Oxytocin is produced by a structure called the hypothalamus, and then travels to the pituitary gland, which releases it into the bloodstream.”

The oxytocin helps prevent alcohol from entering the area of the brain that allows us to utilize our fine motor skills, which deflects the intoxication of the alcohol and voids it. This was the information gained through the tests with rats, but it is yet to be determined whether or not this could work in a test with human beings at a rate that would make it worthwhile to research further into the possibilities that these results could imply.

The Future Possibilities Of Alcohol And Oxytocin

With these latest findings on the hands of the scientific community, there is buzz and speculation as to whether or not this could mean the possibility of a sober pill. Such a form of medication might make it easier to treat alcoholics recovering and experiencing withdrawal. It could also be used by police and other legal professionals when dealing with the drunk and disorderly. In a less serious tone, it could be used by the general public for long nights of drinking when getting home or into the office early in the morning is a necessity. Theconversation.com says: “In human studies, oxytocin is usually given via a nasal spray, with the theory being that this provides a “back-door” into the brain. But there is debate as to how effective this actually is in raising brain oxytocin levels.”

At the moment the overall expectations for such a pill are not known, nor is it completely possible that medication of this nature could be created, but with the growing supply of proof showing oxytocin’s effect on alcohol, it is certainly an idea in the making. Some of the doubts currently associated with the future of this possible medication rely on the fact that such a large dosage would be required in order to treat a person rather than a rodent. It would also need to be tested in more than one scenario and with various adult individuals before it could be proven affective.

Keeping Hope For Further Research

As more time and research is spent developing a better outline of the future possibilities that oxytocin could hold in the treatment of alcohol, other studies may be completed showing positive outcomes in various other biological chemicals, or other uses for oxytocin outside of the sexual reproduction of human beings. The “love” drug, as it is called may give you more to love about science than ever before, especially if the medical world can determine a way to use this new found information toward helping alcoholics and those undergoing rehabilitation for other addictions.

Each year thousands die and are hospitalized due to alcohol abuse, accidents involving alcohol, and diseases due to alcohol abuse. For this reason, and many others, this latest success in a natural sobering method is being well received.

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