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Half the People Living With High Blood Pressure Don't Even Know It

According to a brand-new global study just released in early September (one conducted over literally decades and decades of research by high-level medical professionals), half the people suffering from high blood pressure around the world don't even know that it's happening.

High blood pressure continues to be one of the leading causes of cardiovascular failure, death, and a whole host of other serious medical conditions - and this report just points to the fact that many of us are walking a tightrope of destruction without even understanding the risks.

No one is immune to this specific condition

What might be the most interesting part of this specific study is the fact that the international team of researchers have found that there is no real difference between wealthy groups of people, developed nations, and low income groups of people and poor nations when it comes to understanding whether or not they're dealing with high blood pressure.

People from high income families or positions as well as those from low income families or positions were just as likely to be clueless about their high blood pressure as anyone else - and there was little to no difference whatsoever between those living in high net worth nations and those in the developing world. Studying over 154,000 people (ages running from 35 to 70), the research was conducted over a decade long span and the numbers have just now finally been tabulated.

Blood pressure is a much bigger problem than most had assumed

The thing that is most astounding about the report issued by these doctors online is the fact that high blood pressure is a much larger problem than ever before assumed. Sure, doctors and medical professionals have long understood that high blood pressure contributes to some very serious and very real medical concerns, but they never assumed that it was as widespread of a condition as it is today.

There are a number of different reasons that high blood pressure has continued to spike across almost all aspects of the global community - with much of the focus being on the fact that technology has allowed us to lead more and more sedentary lives and our eating habits continue to get poorer and poorer on a regular basis.

Pointing out the fact that only 46.5% of the people living with high blood pressure were actually aware of the issue (and only 32.5% of those patients actually using high blood pressure solutions to maintain lower blood pressures), the danger is very real and pressing and an issue that needs to be taking care of just as soon as humanly possible.

Early detection and intervention is the key to moving forward

Those same doctors online that publish the report are claiming that the most important thing anyone can do to eliminate instances of high blood pressure (at least as much as humanly possible) is to have early detection services available and early interventions provided right off the bat.

Whether this is through medical intervention and prescription online drugs, changes and shifts in diet and eating, or any combination of the two is still yet to be determined, but it's critical that we do everything we can to make sure that we nip this in the bud.

Treat your hypertension naturally

If you're serious about taking care of your high blood pressure right this very minute - literally this instant - then you're going to love the information provided right here.

Even before you get to see a trained medical professional to determine whether or not you're living with high blood pressure, it's best to air on the side of caution and take these steps to eliminate your hypertension 100% naturally, 100% safely, and 100% effectively.

You'll be able to calm a tremendous amount of information from doctors online about doing exactly that, but where also going to provide you with a handful of tactics right now.

The first thing that you're going to want to do to control your high blood pressure (and lower it dramatically) is to lose weight. Whether you do this through regular exercise and activity (30 to 60 minutes of exercise five or six days a week will do it) or by completely changing your diet - checking out carbs and other high sodium foods will go a long way in this effort - is entirely up to you, but it's critical that you begin doing it right now.
The human body is only supposed to have somewhere around 2300 mg of salt a day (a small teaspoon will do it), and the odds are fantastic that you're having much more than this in your daily diet right now. Eliminating much of that salt can drop your blood pressure as much as eight points almost overnight - something you're going to want to do as quickly as possible.

You'll also want to look into taking advantage of better lifestyle habits, eliminating smoking, getting more rest and sleep, and cutting out as much alcohol as possible. Stress plays a large role in your blood pressure as well, and taking 15 or 20 minutes a week to simply sit down and meditate will go a long way towards dropping your blood pressure in a hurry.

Blood pressure is nothing to full around with - so make sure that you're taking the necessary steps to reduce and eliminate your high blood pressure just as soon as humanly possible.

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