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Can Chantix Help You Quit Smoking?

Nicotine is a highly addictive drug, which is why people often find it difficult to quit with programs that include nicotine replacement therapy, but this is all changing with Chantix, a new product that has been launched onto the market and is tackling this issue in a unique way. Chantix doesn’t make use of nicotine replacements in order to work, and this is one of the things that makes it so different.

People who have smoked for long periods of time might find it difficult to drop the habit of smoking, which includes inhaling nicotine on a regular basis, and so Chantix works along with this in order to get results by allowing the client to continue this habit for about a week. Basically, the product works to stop nicotine from reaching receptors within the brain that will trigger the dopamine release that is common with this habit, as well as one of the reasons why people get hooked in the first place. Patients are required to follow the program for at least 12 weeks, and although success is not guaranteed, it will give people the opportunity that they need to quit the habit.

When patients are prescribed this program, doctors will usually recommend that they continue smoking for at least a week while using the drug, as this allows people to build up reserves that will make it easier to quit when they finally make the decision to do so. Stopping smoking is something that can be done on the eighth day after starting the program, although they should continue taking the medication for the duration of the program to obtain the best chances for success. It is important to remember that people might end up putting the program off if they are required to stop from the very first day, which is why it is helpful knowing that there are 8 days in which to prepare for the leap.

Research into this matter has shown that people, on average, take anywhere between five to seven attempts to quit smoking before they achieve their goal, although trials that have been conducted on people who were completing the Chantix program showed much more favorable results. These trails were conducted on about 1022 smokes, and about 44% of them were able to kick the habit after using Chantix for anywhere between 9 and 12 weeks.

It is important to remember that within this test group, all of the smokers had been smoking for at least 24 years, and included men and women who smoked at least 10 cigarettes every day. Basically, this means that the smokers were pretty much hooked on the cigarettes, and so they weren’t “casual smokers” who might have found it easier to quit. This is great news for smokers everywhere, because the results show that it is possible for just about anyone to follow suit, whether they are long term smokers or not.

There are many advantages to quitting smoking, and while some of them are obvious, others are more surprising. Firstly, 1 out of every 2 smokers will die from this habit, and this alone is reason enough to quit. It should also be noted that after 15 years of quitting smoking, ex-smokers will have the opportunity to reach the health levels that are normally only associated with non-smokers. Some of the risks associated with smoking include heart disease, heart attacks and even strokes, which could end up having severe, if not life threatening repercussions on a person’s health.

It is not only important for someone to begin a program such as Chantix, but it is imperative that they stick with it until the recommended cutoff point, as this will ensure that they have the very best chances of finding success with the treatment plan. Quitting smoking is something that will have a wide range of benefits on someone’s health, with absolutely no disadvantages, and so everyone deserves the chance to give up the habit. Speaking to a medical practitioner is a good idea if a person finds themselves wanting to know more about Chantix, or wants to sign up for the program, so that the doctor can assess the individual’s medical condition and make a decision concerning whether it is the right option or not.

Ultimately, Chantix can give a person the opportunity to quit smoking, but they need to make the leap to starting the program and dedicating themselves to success.

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