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Better Understanding Herpes

Literally everyone on the planet (past and present) has had herpes.
All right, at that may be a slight exaggeration of the truth, but the reality is that medical professionals agree that nearly 90% of all adults (and children) have a form of the herpes virus active inside of their bodies.
So the next time that you break out in a vicious cold sore (or have herpes somewhere else on your body), don’t be instantly and immediately shamed by the fact – understand that almost everyone you know is probably dealing with the exact same kind of condition on a regular basis as well.

That being said, it’s critical that you understand the herpes virus (as well as the two major branches of this viral strain) so that you’re able to best combat it and try to cut down on its impact on your life. Too many people are under the impression that because herpes is incurable (as all viruses are) that it cannot be effectively treated and forced to go “dormant” in our bodies, where nothing could be further from the truth.
You’ll get the inside information you’ve been looking for from doctors online right here in this quick and easy to read guide to herpes, as well as a handful of effective strategies to treat and eliminate herpes as best you possibly can.

Let’s dive right in!

It’s critical that you understand exactly what herpes is in the first place
To believe that herpes is some sort of medical condition that can be hit with medicines, creams, and salves to eliminated entirely from your life is a major mistake.

Herpes is first and foremost a viral infection, not some underlying medical condition that you can eliminate it entirely from your body. Like all the viral infections, herpes mutates the moment that it hits your blood – changing it just enough from any other herpes virus that there is no “one size fits all” treatment to this major issue.

Luckily, herpes has (as of yet) not transformed into a life-threatening or deadly disease or issue – more than annoyance than anything else. Knowing that herpes is a viral infection that will never leave your body is critical to approaching the necessary steps to mitigate herpes, force it to go dormant inside of your body, and eliminate flareups and that can be such a big issue moving forward.

Also understand that there are two major types of herpes

This is another interesting wrinkle in an herpes brings to the table, and one that you need to be well aware of. Herpes splits into two distinct and different viruses (HSV-1 and HSV-2), with a HSV-1 being the most common of the bunch.

Most associated with oral herpes (herpes that manifests inside and around your mouth), studies suggest that nearly 90% of all adults by the age of 40 have already been infected and are living with this type of herpes.
The second type, HSV-2, is most associated with genital herpes –though not always manifesting in that region. This is a much more embarrassing condition to deal with (which is why so many people check with online doctors before going to their traditional doctor) to get help and assistance. It’s also the type of herpes that can be transferred sexually, making a one night stand anything but.

Effective treatments for the herpes virus

As mentioned above, the herpes virus (in its dual forms) can never truly be eradicated or eliminated from the human body. This is because it takes on a form of its own, almost re-creating itself entirely the moment that it attaches itself to your DNA. This makes it very difficult to target, eliminate, and flush out of your body – specifically because the markers responsible for this virus have had a chance to mutate and may not be responding to the medical implementations you’ve rolled out.

That being said, there are a handful or more of truly affected treatments for the herpes virus – chemical concoctions, topical solutions, and even surgical issues if you have a very serious case.

You must understand that online prescriptions are probably one of the most popular ways to treat herpes viruses, but you’ll always want to speak with a trusted and licensed medical professional (not just a single online doctor) he for you invest in these types of solutions. All prescription medicines have the very serious side effects and possible repercussions you must be aware of before moving forward with them.

There are also a number of all-natural solutions that you can invest in, including topical creams, lotions, and supplements that promise to force herpes virus to go dormant because of their unique and often proprietary blend of ingredients. This is a more “inside out” treatment for the herpes virus, and while it may take a little bit longer to see results they can actually prove to be safer in the long run.

Again, it’s up to you entirely which type of intervention you decide to move forward with – but understanding that there are options gives you hope to combat the herpes virus.

So the next time that you’re suffering from a flareup of herpes, understand completely that you are nowhere near alone. The overwhelming majority of the global population – yes, global population – is also living with the herpes virus inside of their bodies, and with the right approach you should be able to mitigate its impact almost right away.

Rely on the assistance that you can get from different doctors online, focus on online prescription solutions if you feel comfortable (and have been recommended) to use them, and don’t be afraid of seeking out professional medical assistance and your earliest convenience.

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