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People who are struggling with herpes often find that the negative associations and stigmas make it difficult to comfortably obtain medical assistance through traditional means, and this includes visiting a land based medical practitioner, which is why so many are opting to deal with it through the help of online resources. Doctors can now provide medical advice through the internet, as well as offer prescriptions in the event that they are deemed necessary and will not influence the patient’s current condition in a negative manner.

When it comes to managing a condition such as Herpes, which is chronic, the right treatments and medications need to be used to ensure the results are as favorable as possible. Suppressive therapy is one of the many options that people have to make use of, and it involves having a patient take a specific medication, or medications, on a daily basis to prevent the recurrent outbreaks that are so common with this problem, as well as to limit the transmission of the condition from one person to another. Limiting this transfer is important, because this will help to stop the spread of the Herpes virus; instead of simply trying to manage it once people have been infected.

Three medications tend to be the most commonly used to treat conditions such as herpes, and these include Zovirax, Famvir and Valtrex, which are all antiviral oral medications. Over the years, these medications have proven themselves to be very effective, as well as safe, because they do not have a wide range of side effects that patients will have to deal with, and this makes them very appealing.

It is important to remember that medications such as Zovirax and the alternatives tend to work differently for different people, and each comes with its own sets of pros and cons, which patients should make themselves aware of before making the choice to start one of these treatments. Zovirax, for instance, tends to be more effective at preventing outbreaks, especially when this medication is taken on a daily basis, and it is also capable of reducing the length of the primary infection by about one week. Famvir, on the other hand, was not manufactured to treat primary infections; instead, it has been made with specialized active ingredients to stop the replication of the virus as quickly as possible, preventing it from spreading. Lastly, Valtrex, which is one of the more popular options on the market at the moment, prevents the transmission of the Herpes virus from one person to another, as well as limits the spread and the regularity of the outbreaks. 

Before a patient makes a decision with regards to the prescription medication that will be right for them, it is important that they consult with a medical practitioner, whether this is through the medium of the internet or with a land based doctor. It is important for individuals to remember that the faster this issue is dealt with, the easier it will be to manage, and so it is never a good idea to put off going to see the doctor for whatever reason.

Dealing with the social stigma of this condition is just as important as dealing with the physical signs, and this is because individuals will have to learn how to be comfortable in tackling this chronic condition for the foreseeable future. It is important for people to remember that while it might be a difficult adjustment in the beginning, the right medical and emotional approach will help them not only pick out the right medication, but manage their social lives accordingly to ensure that they are not held back simply because they are dealing with Herpes.

In the end, whether you are seeking help from an online practitioner or a land based doctor, it is important for individuals to deal with their condition quickly so that they do not put others at risk of infection, or have to suffer through consistent outbreaks on a regular basis. While there might not be a cure for this condition, individuals might want to remember that there are a few different medications that have worked well for people in the past, and they will continue to do so for those that are in need of assistance with this particular problem.

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