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Asthma Medication: Proair (Bronchodilator) Vs. Advair (Inhaled Steroids)

Most asthma, COPD and the other respiratory problem sufferers are already aware of the wide range of medications that are available to them, as well as the two most popular options; the bronchodilators and the inhaled steroids. Both of these options have unique properties that make them useful to different groups of patients. Understanding the difference between the Proair (bronchodilator) and Advair (inhaled steroid) can go a long way in assisting patients in determining which option might be best for them, although it is not uncommon for patients to use both options, depending on their specific diagnosis. In some instances, medical professionals might actually recommend the use of Proair and Advair to ensure that their patients benefit from the maximum possible amount of relief.

The bronchodilators, like Proair, deliver pre-measured doses of medication to a patient, and they work by relaxing the bronchial muscles, which allow them to open up so that the patients can breathe more easily. In most instances, these types of inhalers tend to be used more often for fast action relief, and so they are known as “rescue” inhalers. This specific option tends to be recommended for individuals taking part in physical activities, and so they should be used before the physical activity begins, to prevent an attack from occurring. Patients who have experienced severe asthmatic attacks know how scary it can be to endure these episodes, and so it is important for them to focus on preventing these attacks from occurring, rather than trying to stop them in their tracks once the person begins to show signs of the condition.

Inhaled steroids such as Advair work differently to the Bronchodilators. Basically, these options tend to function by preventing the bronchial tubes from constricting once they are open, and they are generally used as a long-term option to control the swelling and constriction of these bronchial tubes. This treatment option tends to be offered to patients who are suffering from chronic asthma, which is why patients need to carefully discuss their condition with their medical professional before picking one of these options.

In certain instances, individuals will be prescribed both the bronchodilators and the inhaled steroids, and because both of them have been designed to deal with specific asthma-related or chronic lung problems, they can be very effective when they are used in conjunction with one another. Patients are generally advised to use the inhaled steroids, such as Advair, on a daily basis in order to remain in control of their symptoms, which could arise at any time. In instances when an emergency arises, such as a sudden onset of an attack, patients who are carrying a bronchodilator, such as the Proair, can be used to allow the patient relief.

Basically, patients who assume that one of these options will work better than the other might be happy to find that this is not the case, especially those who have to deal with lung-related issues on a daily basis. The wider range of treatment options allows patients the chance to deal with the symptoms as they arise, and not simply as a whole, and this flexibility has proven to be more effective time and time again. It is important for patients to remember, however, that they need to use the medications precisely as they are prescribed by their medical practitioner.

The specific advantages of Proair (the bronchodilator) and Advair inhalers (the inhaled steroid) make them both effective in treating COPD, asthma and acute respiratory problems. Those that are struggling with these conditions should speak to their medical professional so that they can analyze the problem and come up with the solution that will work best for their patients’ circumstances. Getting your asthma and other respiratory conditions under control takes time, but it is more than possible with the wide range of treatment options that are currently on the market, and so this makes it important for patients to make an effort to obtain information about their alternatives. While there might not be a winner in the match between Proair vs. Advair, it is still advantageous for patients to learn about both options so that they can use them to their advantage and find relief from the very uncomfortable symptoms relating to breathing conditions such as Asthma.

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