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Asthma May Be Aided By Weight Loss Surgery

Your weight has a direct correlation with how well you can breathe, and while this isn’t exactly new news, the scientific community has recently found that weight loss surgery may improve asthma for those who suffer from it. Asthma can make it very difficult for you to breathe, but causing inflammation in the air passages that can make it feel as though lungs are closing up and making it impossible to draw breath and exhale. This can cause wheezing, coughing, and what is commonly known as an asthma attack.

Just as losing weight can help the average man or woman to breathe easier and catch their breath more quickly after a workout, this latest weight loss surgical technique seems to be showing drastic results in the area of asthma control.

Reversing And Preventing With Surgery

Weight loss surgery isn’t suggested for every man and woman, and it certainly isn’t a weight loss technique that should be taken lightly. Most surgical procedures of this nature reduce the size of the stomach by closing some of it off to the intake of food, or by splitting it permanently. This makes the eater feel fuller faster, and makes it difficult to consume as much food as they would have in the past. News Max reports: “Weight-loss surgery not only helps obese people shed pounds and reverse diabetes, but it may also significantly reduce the risk of asthma attacks. That’s the latest word from Massachusetts General Hospital researchers who found obese individuals with the lung disorder have fewer flare-ups after bariatric surgery.”

The latest medical findings in weight loss and asthma related success shows that these surgeries are very helpful in reducing symptoms of asthma to the point where many individuals no longer need to take medication or worry about suffering an attack under circumstances that would normally encourage one to occur.

How This Is Working

Not only does weight loss help for a natural increase in the ability to breathe properly, it can also assist in reducing inflammation that occurs when the body is too big and having trouble regulating natural chemicals. Since asthma is an inflammation regulated illness, this change may be what is making it so much easier to breathe once weight loss surgery has taken affect. Science Daily says: “While the mechanism by which a significant weight loss can reduce asthma-associated risks is unknown, studies have linked obesity to increased inflammation, higher prevalence of gastroesophageal reflux disease, and physical changes in the airway — all of which could contribute to asthma severity.”

Weight loss surgery is not going to work for every asthma patient, especially if the patient doesn’t suffer from obesity as well as asthma. If you have asthma symptoms but are of an average weight, then surgical procedures of this kind will likely do no good for your condition, and physicians would not perform the surgery as it would be deemed unnecessary.

Long Term Improvements

While this latest find certainly won’t help the majority of asthma sufferers, it does shed some light on the weight and breathing relationship and how it Is directly affected by how heavy people are. Those with asthma conditions should consider trying to lose weight naturally before turning to surgical methods, although many find this to be difficult as running and other cardiovascular exercises can make it difficult to breath, and bring on an attack. Dr. Andrew Weinstein is quoted by health.com in saying: “Some obese patients develop asthma, while others are treated for breathing problems with medications typically used for asthma. The results of this study bring us closer to determining if weight loss can improve asthma long-term.”

Regular exercise, a chance in diet, and the right vitamins added to your routine can drastically improve your weight, and in turn your asthma, but if you find that you are unable to achieve all of this naturally, speaking to your physician about the possibility of gastric bypass surgery, lapband surgery, or other surgical procedures that result in weight loss might be a good option for you to consider. Before you undergo these surgical procedures, it is important to take the time to learn what they mean and how they could impact your life on a long term basis.

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