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5 Best Laser Light Therapy Devices for Hair Loss

Hair loss affects us in different ways. While it's a natural part of aging, it can cause dramatic changes in appearance and emotions. It affects both men and women. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments available through the pharmacy and online doctor prescriptions.

One treatment which has been making waves in the realm of hair loss is laser light therapy. Laser light therapy uses photon energy to penetrate deep within the tissue of your scalp and rejuvenate hair at the cellular level. Dermatology Online Journal writes, 'Initially used to treat benign vascular tumors, laser therapy is now considered first-line for removal of pigmented lesions, tattoos, scars, wrinkles, and unwanted hair. The ability of lasers to induce hair growth was incidentally noted in 1967 when Mester and colleagues used low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to treat cancer in mice with shaved backs.' Now, LLLT is used in Medi Spas, doctor clinics, hair salons, and even at home.

Here, we'll discuss some of the most popular laser light therapy devices for hair loss. Check out these 5 contenders and how they might benefit your hair loss journey.

1. iGrow Hair Growth Laser System

The iGrow helmet takes your comfort into mind, with a system designed to provide a hair growth treatment while you indulge yourself in your favorite tunes or audiobook. The built-in headphones are an ingenious addition. Meggen Taylor of Forbes writes, 'Launched in 2010, iGrow was the first wearable hair growth helmet to hit the marketplace and was the first to receive FDA 501k clearance for men in 2012 with a prescription and the first device to obtain over the counter clearance for both men and women in 2014.'

The helmet works with the same low light laser technology described above. Also known as 'cold lasers' this technology doesn't heat the scalp, as other lasers do. This removes the risk of burning and discomfort during treatment.

Currently, you can purchase the iGrow hair growth system for $449.99 USD.

2. Vinmax Hair Growth Comb

Taking a different route than the helmet concept, Vinmax produced a hair growth comb. The comb creates the same overall outcome as the helmet but is used a little differently. Rather than sitting it on your head and forgetting about it, the comb is gently raked through hair at the scalp and nape of neck to encourage new hair growth.

There are many combs on the market, which is why Gadgets-Reviews.com breaks down what to look for further, suggesting, 'The best one should be equipped with laser diodes, not LED lights. Also, choose a product containing 80 and more diodes as their number affects the efficiency of the device. HairMax is a pioneer and definite leader. Capillus and iRestore produce quality brand name models as well.'

An economical option, the Vinmax hair growth comb is only $23.99 through Amazon.com.

3. Capillus Laser Cap

Capillus is recognized as a leader in the hair growth industry and produces a series of craps for regrowth. Each model expels a different amount of energy and runs at reflective prices. The most basic model, the CapillusUltra is sold for $999.00, while the next model up, the CapillusPlus is $1,999.00 and finally, the CapillusPro is $2,999.00.

The caps resemble baseball caps, making them easy and discreet to use. Unlike other laser light therapy treatment, Capillus products require less time on your scalp. In fact, the company says their hats are clinically proven to regrow hair when used for 6-minutes daily. That's a simple treatment and perfect for a quick chapter before bed.

4. Kiierr Laser Cap System

Another laser light therapy cap is produced by Kiierr. Like Capillus, the caps are designed to look like a standard fit baseball hat. The Kiierr laser cap system requires users to wear the hat for 30-minutes every second day to reap the best results from the treatment. BeautySmartCare.com expresses their thoughts on the cap, writing, 'The Kiierr272Premier Laser Hair cap is a portable, high end ball cap style LLLT device that uses 272 medical-grade laser diodes during treatment time. Laser diodes are preferred over LED lights as the light emitted is more focused and translates to more hair regrowth. The light is emitted at the 650nm wavelength to treat hair loss and help restore thinning hair.' As an added level of convenience, users can slip the cap on at bedtime, because the automatic timer will turn the hat off when your treatment is finished.

TheKiierr laser light therapy caps sell for anywhere from $595 to $925 USD, depending on which model you choose.

5. ReHair Handheld LLLT Laser Brush

This unisex laser hair tool sells for $149.00 USD and is designed to thicken thinning hair and stimulate growth at the follicle. The brush is used by combing through the hair and over the scalp, paying close attention to areas where hair is thinnest.

As you comb hair you may notice a pleasant tingle. Again, the cold laser shouldn't heat the skin, but they do increase circulation and in turn, hair growth.

Like the Vinmax Hair Growth Comb, the ReHair Brush requires a little more elbow grease than a cap or helmet. It runs with dual row red 660nm energy diode lasers and has a myriad of reviews touting its success.

Alternative Treatments

Along with the caps, combs and brushes, there are more traditional solutions to hair loss. Topical creams and oral medications like Propecia are among the more common treatments prescribed by doctors. If you're away from home or unable to align your schedule with a doctor's, online prescriptions make obtaining your hair growth medicine simple and affordable.

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