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Anxious Women At Greater Risk Of Alzheimer's
Believe it or not, a new study that has been published in the Journal of Neurology has shown how women who are anxious or jealous during their thirties and forties could lead to Alzheimerís disease in later life. Alzheimerís disease, is a common disease throughout the United States, with five million cases affected citizens each year, 3.2 million of those cases being women

Rise In Diagnosis Of Sleep Apnea Worrying In U.S.
Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is a chronic sleeping disorder that involves the halting of breathing during sleep for at least ten seconds or more each hour. This occurs when the throat muscles relax and airways are blocked as the soft tissues near the rear of the throat close as they collapse.

How Much Coffee You Drink Could Be Due To Genetics
It might be hard to believe, but the rich morning brew that so many cling to on their long commute to work has now been linked to genetics rather than a taste for the bitter roast. Meta-analysis completed by The Harvard School of Public Health as well as the Bringham and Womenís Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts have found biological and genetic reasons why the effects of coffee feel different to different people.

Smoking Marijuana While Young Could Damage The Immune System
Smoking marijuana has often been heralded as a non-addictive, recreational drug, with many enthusiasts and users hoping for it to be legalized due to its harmless qualities.

Cigarettes Linked To More Than Just Lung Cancer
A new study performed by the Johns Hopkins Medical team has found that tobacco smoke and sexually transmitted viruses like human papillomavirus type 16 could be linked not only to each other, but to the development of mouth and throat cancers.

Sandwiches May Not Be The Best Lunch
When you think about an unhealthy lunch, letís face it, sandwiches arenít likely to be on your Ďdo not allowí list. Pizza, chips, french fries, sure, but a sandwich? New studies have shown that this past thinking should stay in the past as many of these delicious hunger busters can actually make up for nearly half of the daily sodium your body should take in each day.

Not Caring For Your Contacts Can Lead To Big Problems
Since the invention of glasses it seems like men and women have been trying to find ways to avoid wearing them. When the contact lens was invented people jumped at the chance to see properly without having to wear something bulky and distracting on their faces; unfortunately, it seems that many people might not be treating these lenses as prescribed by their optometrist, and it is now leading to Keratitis.

Smoking May Cause Back Problems
Smoking May Cause Back Problems So itís been a long recognized fact that smoking is bad for your lungs, but something you might be interested in knowing is that it may also be causing problems with your back.

Hot Flashes Not Given Recognition in Cancer Patients
Hot flashes are one of the most prominent and well known symptoms of menopause, but what some people donít know is that they are also a symptom that women who have had breast cancer experience.

Symptoms of Menopause Lessened By Children
As women near the end of their reproductive phase of life, and menopause sets in, many of them are excited at the opportunity to live an adult life, child free and focus more on person wants and needs.

Soy May Have Negative Effects On Breast Cancer
The last ten years have brought about an entire food movement dedicated to finding alternatives to meat, dairy, gluten, and a number of other ingredients.

New Reports Suggest Stress May Speed Alzheimer's
Mild cognitive issues have become more and more commonly associated with Alzheimerís and the risk of developing the disease.

Coffee May Have Positive Effect On Weight Loss
For coffee drinkers around the world having that hot cup of java in the morning can mean the difference between making it through the day and needing a nap by noon

New Study Finds Fruits and Nuts To Lower First Time Stroke Risk
It has long been known that keeping your weight at a healthy level and eating nutritious foods can assist in reducing the risk of heart attacks and stroke in men and women of all ages, but recent studies have found that by eating Mediterranean diets, and actively participating in exercise you can lower the risk of a first time stroke quite significantly.

Getting Your Teen To Take Their Medications Correctly
Being the parent of a child with special needs or a disorder can be complicated enough without having to deal with them not taking their medication properly.

Fast Food May Drop Your Child's IQ
Fast food is quick, easy, and convenient, and while it is no longer cheaper than making a meal at home, it still tops the list of food items that people put in their mouths, especially in countries like the United States.

Smoking Could Lead To Additional Pain In Injured Patients
Smoking has long been recognized as a harmful habit, and a fatal one at that, but new research has shown that smoking may also increase pain that people feel from spinal cord injuries and other pain.

Yoga Might Be The Best Treatment For Your Back
Chronic back pain is a problem that plagues many Americans and global citizens worldwide, and while there are some explanations for a number of the symptoms that people receive over time due to various conditions, some back pain goes unexplained and untreated.

New Study Shows Progress In Alzheimer's Research
A recently published study found in the eLife journal shows that there is finally news on the possibility of fighting Alzheimerís. The researchers have found that by regenerating connections that have been damaged in brain cells affected by the disease, memories that have been lost could potentially be restored.

Your E-Reader May Be Keeping You Up At Night
With most of the world running on the millions of electronic gadgets floating around the planet, it only makes sense that the good old fashioned book would be replaced with something technological as well, but new research shows that your e-reader may not be allowing you to get all of the sleep that you need at night.

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