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About Us

ExpressRxRefills is your no 1 destination for online medical consultations. We provide safe, affordable online medical consultations, complete with diagnoses and treatment options to anyone looking for access to quality medical professionals. This is something we believe is making medical care more accessible to patients throughout the country.

We have based our business model on telemedicine, which means we use technology and telecommunications in order to provide our customers with remote health care. The manner in which we deliver our services allows our clients to benefit in a variety of ways. Firstly, utilizing our services, patients have access to medical professionals from just about anywhere. This means patients don't have to be in the same area as their consultation in order to receive this service.

What we offer is the chance for our clients to manage their chronic conditions in a way that is convenient for them, without actually having to schedule an appointment with a local doctor and going through the difficulties associated with that sort of option.

We work entirely with doctors licensed within the US. These professionals are the ones who deliver the online medical consultations, as well as provide patients with treatment options.

What Conditions Do We Treat?

Our online medical consultants treat a range of conditions, including;

  • Asthma
  • Acne
  • Athletes foot
  • Blood pressure
  • Cold sores
  • Digestive problems
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Flu
  • Herpes
  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Motion sickness
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Shingles
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Thyroid problems
  • Urinary tract infections

We provide you with affordable, safe and quick online medical consultations that give you the opportunity to effectively manage your chronic medical condition, without having to leave your home or office. Our consultations are delivered at the destination of your choice, via your computer, so you don't have to visit a doctor's office.

How Does This Process Work?

The entire process is simple and you can complete it in a few minutes.

  1. You request your consultation with one of the many doctors licensed within the US.
  2. You decide when you would like to schedule your appointment.
  3. The doctor will carry out the consultation and provide you with various options with regards to the treatments that are available.

The Benefits of Working with ExpressRxRefills:

When you choose to book your consultation with ExpressRxRefills, you will immediately benefit in a variety of ways. ExpressRxRefills allows you to:

  1. Schedule appointments with your doctor without having to take time off work, visit a doctor's office at the weekend or waste your leisure time.
  2. See a doctor almost immediately, without having to wait.
  3. Sitting in a waiting room for an appointment to see a doctor who is not running to schedule
  4. Schedule an appointment in the comfort of your own home or office, without having to visit a doctor's office.
  5. See a doctor about a small matter without having to wait for hours on end in long lines.

People who have their conditions under control will benefit especially from what ExpressRxRefills has to offer because it provides them with the opportunity to get just what they need, as soon as they need it. There is currently a shortage of doctors who are providing consultations to individuals throughout the country, and with the rise in numbers of people with chronic conditions, it is only natural for people to consider other options. Online medical consultations take a lot of the stress out of managing a chronic condition.

What Is Our Business Philosophy?

ExpressRxRefills believes that everyone should be able to access healthcare in the fastest and most convenient way possible. We feel that technology has provided us with the chance to give this service to the public. We understand that clients are not able to waste time when it comes to managing their chronic conditions, and we want them to have the opportunity to do just that from anywhere.

We have designed our service to be as professional and convenient as possible. This is the direction we believe the entire field of healthcare will be taking. We have clients from just about all parts of the country, from every background. What these people have in common is the desire to take control of their healthcare and to manage their conditions in the best ways possible.

Our Team

All of our US licensed medical professionals are experienced, friendly and professional. These professionals all want the very best for their patients. Not only do these professionals know what to look for when it comes to seeing their patients, but they also have a thorough knowledge of the treatment options currently available. In those unlikely instances where a patient's needs are beyond the capabilities of the online medical consultant, they will refer the patient to a land-based doctor. This is rare and it is always in the best interests of the patient.

If this is not necessary, the medical consultant will provide you with information about your condition, as well as the treatment options that are available. You can rest assured that when you turn to ExpressRxRefills, you will receive the best possible treatment in the most affordable and convenient manner possible.

At ExpressRxRefills, we strive to provide our patients with top quality medical care, without the many constraints that often come along with obtaining medical care in a land-based setting. If you have any questions about the services that we have to offer, don't hesitate to contact us directly and one of our customer representatives will be in contact with you.

Aliments We Prescribe For

Although Erectile Dysfunction affects mostly men over the age of 60, it can be a problem for those who suffer from obesity, high stress levels, fatigue, or the effects of medications or illnesses. Men who have ED are unable to obtain or maintain an erection for the purposes of sexual intercourse. This can be embarrassing, frustrating, and disheartening, which is why ExpressMedRefills.com supplies discreet, quick, and easy access to necessary prescriptions for treatment.

The most common forms of treatment include medications like Cialis, Levitra, or Viagra. After completing the online questionnaire and speaking with a registered doctor, a physician will be able to determine which medication will work best for your situation, or prescribe a refill from a previous prescription. For more information on prescription medication for ED, click here!
Without proper medication, asthma and other respiratory related illnesses can be extremely serious. Chronic asthma affects more than 20-million citizens across the United States, and can appear in early childhood or adolescence. The symptoms vary from person to person, with most individuals experiencing shortness of breath, tightening of the chest, coughing, and wheezing.

Symptoms occur due to a swelling of the breathing tubes, which makes it difficult for air to pass into the lungs. For those who smoke cigarettes, suffer from obesity, or live with allergies, these symptoms are more severe. By speaking with a U.S. doctor through your consultation, you can receive a prescription for the proper medication to treat asthma. To treat your symptoms, click here for more information! .
With approximately 30-million cases of thyroid conditions across the U.S., including some 15-million which are undiagnosed, the need for fast and efficient prescriptions in this area is high. Women have a higher chance of contracting disorders of the thyroid, but they can affect men as well. Symptoms include anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, numbed senses of smell and taste, lowered sex drive, dry skin, stomach pain, digestive issues, high blood pressure, pain in the joints and muscles, heart palpitations, weight gain, hair loss, and uncontrollable body temperature.

Thyroid conditions can be diagnosed easily with a TSH blood test, and following your ExpressMedRefills.com consult, a prescription can be obtained affordably, and on your own time. To speak with a certified physician about your thyroid condition today, click here now. .
Hypertension disorder affects approximately one third of the adult population in the United States. The cause usually stems from improper nutrition, obesity, cigarette smoke, alcohol abuse, high sodium intake, and a lack of regular physical activity. While making life changes can eventually lower blood pressure to a healthy level once more, it is sometimes necessary to treat the issue with a prescription medication.

Hypertension tends to lead to heart health issues, such as heart attacks. To monitor and maintain a proper level of blood pressure, your doctor can provide annual tests. For more information on high blood pressure, and the possibly prescription options for you, click here today!
With nearly half of all smokers dying from a smoking related disease, it's no surprise that so many Americans are turning to smoking cessation methods to quit. The lifespan for the American smoker is approximately ten years shorter than a non-smoker, and can include a number of health issues such as asthma, cancer, emphysema, and more.

Currently, smokers can seek help in the form of one on one therapy, group counselling sessions, or through medicated means, such as a patch or gum. There are also prescription medications which have shown increasing success across the United States. The most popular of these are Wellbutrin, Zyban, and Chantix. To learn more about these prescriptions and to obtain your own today, click here.
A sexually transmitted illness, which affects men and women of all ages, herpes is embarrassing to deal with. Whether in the form of a cold sore on your mouth, or a rash on your genitals, discomfort and unease is sure to follow. While there is no cure for Herpes at this time, there are several treatment options which have been made available across the United States.

Unfortunately, there is no medication which removes the chance of contagion, but through careful planning, proper protection, and prescription medication men and women are able to live life normally once again. Prescriptions for Acyclovir and Valtrex can help to keep the virus from spreading or multiplying. Topical creams, and over the counter pain medication can also be used for the redness and discomfort associated with the illness.

Don't stand in a long line to fill your next herpes prescription. Instead, complete a one on one consultation from the privacy of home, and have the prescription sent to a local pharmacy for a quick and discreet pickup. To receive your consult today, or to learn more about the prescription options available to you, click here now.


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My experience with ExpressMedRefills earlier today was great! I was so excited to find this service that I emailed the URL to all of my friends and family. I didn't have to miss any work to get an Rx refilled and it was easy. Thank You!

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I am so impressed with the service!! I saved so much time and effort... and I wont go to a traditional office for basic medical issues out of fear of both doctors and people visiting offices. Your service is Perfect and I will recommend it to Everyone!!

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The Doctor was so nice and really listened to me. We are very lucky to have an amazing service like this available for times when it is nearly impossible to get to a traditional doctor.

WARNING: Limitations of Online Doctor/Medical Consultations and Online Prescriptions, ExpressMedRefills cannot Prescribe, Dispense, or Resell any and all Narcotics/Controlled Substances (this policy is fully enforced by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)) for Pain, Anxiety, Weightloss, Sleep, ADHD/ADD including non-controlled substances or any medications that are considered controversial or recalled in nature such (i.e. Retin-A, Accutane). Furthermore, ExpressMedRefills is not a substitute for an office based physician in your location nor is it a substitute for Emergency Medical Care or 911. If you do experience a "true" medical emergency your are encouraged to pick up the phone and dial 911 as soon as possible.